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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  April 21, 2021 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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this. todd: congresswoman nicole malliotakis thank you for your time this morning, great insight. thank you very much. >> thank you. jillian: it was a busy morning it will continue now with "fox & friends." thank you. see you back here tomorrow 4 to 6:00 a.m. have a good day. ♪ ♪ >> we, the jury, in the above entitled manner as to count 1 find the defendant guilty. count 2 guilty. count 3 guilty. >> america has a long history of systemic racism. >> systemic racism is a stain on our nation's soul. >> protests erupting in columbus, ohio after a teenage girl is shot and killed by police. >> body camera showing one girl trying to stab another and the officer fires four shots. >>the progressives are ready to roll out the green new deal. the full green new deal is 9 trillion. >> i guess that's part of the green plan going to go it the money tree to find this. >> woke school principal caught admitting the curriculum
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demonizes white people. >> do you agree that we're demonizing kids. >> we are demonizing white people for being born. >> are some of our students white people? >> yes. >> some of our biggest media con glom member rants who claim to be "avatars" of the first amendment, they have become cheerleaders for censorship. brian: all right. here we go a knife wielding teenage girl shot dead by police in ohio as she tries stabbing two women prompting demonstrations. >> [chanting what do we want justice? when do we want it? now. >> the shooting happening as ex-cop derek chauvin was found guilty in the murder of george floyd. >> jeff paul is life in minneapolis this morning with reaction. jeff? >> well, yeah. it's very calm this morning here in downtown minneapolis. after what was an overwhelmingly peaceful night in the hours after the verdict was read in
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the derek chauvin trial and shortly after that verdict was read and he was found guilty on all three counts, he was led away pretty immediately in cuffs and if you pay attention to the video, you can see that there is some writing on his hand when he was being led away. reportedly the phone number of his attorney in the event that he was found guilty wrote it on there because he realized his bail would be revoked. outside the courtroom, a crowd broke into celebrations as the verdict was read. hundreds gathered around the hennepin county courthouse. some breaking down in tears. others just letting out a sigh of relief. in fact, george floyd's family also reacted to what the past year had been like since george floyd's death and now the results in this trial. >> a lot of days that i prayed and i hoped and i was speaking everything into existence. i said i have faith that he will be convicted. today, we are able to will breathe again. >> i'm going to miss him but now
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i know he is in history. what a day to be a floyd, man. >> now, shortly after the verdict was read, president joe biden called the floyd family promising them that he would help pass the george floyd justice and policing act. if president biden joined kamala harris both held a news conference both agreed a lot more needs to be done. >> today's verdict is a step forward. but it's not enough. we can't stop here. in order to live a real change in reform, we can and we must do more to reduce the likelihood that tragedies like this will ever happen and occur again. >> sentencing for derek chauvin should be in about eight weeks. back to you. ainsley: all right, thank you, jeff. let's bring in ted williams fox news contributor defense attorney and former homicide
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detective in minneapolis. good morning, ted. >> good morning, guys. >> what's your reaction to the will conviction. >> i have to tell you lady justice spoke loud and clear. america watched for 9 minutes 29 seconds a man have his knee on the neck of another man and as a result of that, that man tied. and so what happened is there was justice yesterday, i believe, when chauvin was found guilty and it also not only did lady justice speak to america, but i have got to tell you must remember police officers who were colleagues of chauvin came out and spoke about what took place here that brought us to yesterday in that guilty verdict on all counts. pete: ted, you know, setting aside the verdict itself which you spoke to ultimately in the
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jury room. they had looked at the evidence and came out with a conviction on all three counts. how does the justice system manage what happened to the preceding 12 months, the mobs, the violence, and the intimidation all the way up to the last minute with the congresswoman maxine waters arriving in minneapolis. how do you manage a system which wants to be completely blind but can't be blind to the fact that there also is intimidation? >> well, you know, that's one of the sad commentaries. i don't think that congresswoman maxine waters should have spoken out. what i also found to be very troubling in this case is that the jury itself was not sequestered. i think the one thing that chauvin should have gotten and i think he did get was a fair trial. but i think it was very difficult and i'm saddened by the fact that politicians decided to speak out before the jury verdict. it should not have happened.
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brian: you want to hear president biden's remarks basically saying that the jury should convict and a lot of people have a problem with that as well as vice president and the president spoke afterwards and spoke about what a racist country we are. let's listen. >> america has a long history of systemic racism. black men have been treated throughout the course of our history as less than human. here's the truth about racial injustice. it is not just a black america problem. or a people of color problem. it is a problem for every american. >> today a jury in minnesota found former minneapolis police officer derek chauvin guilty on all counts in the murder of george floyd last may and it
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ripped the blinders off for the whole world to see the systemic racism profound fear and trauma, the pain and exhaustion that black and brown americans experience every single day. brian: ripped the blinders off of a president who was a senator in the mid '70s and never said stuff like that before and former president in president obama who said basically the same thing in a written statement. is this country riddled with systemic racism? >> well, yeah, i do believe that racism, unfortunately, has reared its ugly head here in america through the years. but i think that what we are seeing is individuals trying to come together to address racism. and maybe biden and maybe obama didn't in the past did not address racism in a direct manner, but i think at some time
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or another as now we have to come together and admit that racism exists and to try to find ways to turn things around. and i think this policing -- national police standards act would be a good start. because you have got a lot of good police officers out here that want to just serve and protect but there's a great deal of confusion because there's no uniform standard for police officers. and i think that there needs to be some. ainsley: so, ted, just before that conviction came down in the chauvin case, at 4:30 in the afternoon yesterday, columbus, ohio police department received a call that there was a stabbing call. a girl had a knife, according to this caller. and you can see her, the girl in the pink, this girl falls down, then the girl in the pink is next to the car and the girl in the black t-shirt is holding a knife in her hand when you slow down this video and police shot her to prevent her from stabbing
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the girl in the pink she falls to the ground. the ambulance is called. she does die as a result of those shots fired. she was apparently a foster child and got into altercation with another resident. how do you think that police handled this? do you think this is appropriate? >> i think the police handled this very, very well. this is a very sad situation. but, a police officer can use deadly force to protect the lives of others. and what you have here was the columbus, ohio, police department immediately releasing the body worn cameras to show the community what happened and so, yes. there is an investigation i'm hoping that the citizens of ohio will give the police department the benefit of the doubt in this matter and that they will allow for a full investigation but everything i have seen in that body worn camera and what took place there unfortunately i
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think that law enforcement acted appropriately. brian: so, ted, you think if you are coming on a scene and it's ted williams coming on the scene and called there ironically the person who called it got shot. she said she was being threatened and going to protect herself. did you go on the scene you have a gun. you see a woman about to stab another woman, it is standard protocol for a police officer to shoot somebody who is about to stab another; is that what you are saying? >> absolutely. there's no equivocation on my part to that yes, a police officer has a right to use that kind of force, deadly force when you see one person is about to stab another, and, you got understand police officers, when they go on the scene. they only see what they see in front of them. and you have to give police officers the benefit of the doubt. i'm sick and tired of the indictment that good law enforcement officers take every
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day as a result of a few rotten apples. >> you believe it was a good move to release right away that seems to be the new trend release the video right away. is that a good move? >> i think it's an excellent move because it has a way of calming the community down. i think that what you would have seen is more anarchy in the streets of ohio, columbus, ohio, if they had not released that video, the body worn camera right away so, no, i think in this instance, and i'm not saying every instance because as a lawyer i can tell you there are times i don't want the body worn camera released but in this instance i think it was the right and proper thing to do. pete: ted, to sum the two together. when you look -- when you listen to the hearing of derek chauvin, race was not mentioned once. when i watched that inside the jury room, when i watched that tape, it happens to be a white officer coming on the scene where there is an altercation amongst two black females.
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it becomes about race from the outside. when our president stands up and says two things at the same time in a speech, he says most men and women who wear the badge serve their communities honorably. most men and women. and then in the next breath says it is a systemically racist system. how can those two be the name this person happens to be white, shows up on the scene makes a tough call. how can he say both? >> it's a contradiction in term and certainly that should be looked at under a microscope because i think that that is clearly wrong. look, white officers get unjust as black officers and they put that uniform on and they go out there to serve and protect their community. they are not going out there to kill black people or they are not going out there to harm black people. they are trying to do a job under difficult circumstances. it's sort of like
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sausage-making. it's not easy to make an arrest. we need, to i believe, give law enforcement officers the benefit of the doubt. there should be complete investigations. i think that when the president of the united states speak, i think he should have as many or all of the facts that are necessary. but sometimes, unfortunately they there are contradictions in terms and this is one of those times. pete: ted williams, thank you so much for your insight this morning. we really appreciate it. ainsley: ted, are thank you for being with us. >> absolutely. ainsley: maxine waters is taking a victory lap republicans are motion to censure here 216 to 10 along party lines. republicans tonight seem to understand they are not gog get me out of office i'm here until i decide to retire. she said republicans love to target her. listen. >> of course, i'm psychiatric sized all the time. of course republicans make a target of me, but, as you know,
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i am passionate on these issues. i'm so sorry sorrow that it causes pain oftentimes with my colleagues. many times they are in these districts where they are frightened where they have a lot of racism. where they still haven't moved to the point where they can have a decent conversation about these issues. and sometimes it's very difficult for them. but they stood up with me today. they put me it will -- censure because of my visit to minneapolis. my colleagues stood with me. and they voted to table the motion that was put up to censure me. the republicans love to use me as a target. >> no. the judge called you out as a target. and the judge said to the defense attorney that lawmaker, meaning you, maxine waters, gave you a great case for an appeal. great case for an appeal that's like pouring gasoline on every city in the country. and that should be emphasized. this isn't kevin mccarthy against steny hoyer.
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this isn't republicans don't like maxine waters. it is her using paid for security to go in the middle of an explosive situation and make it worse and actually do something totally irresponsible for a case with a jury not sequestered able to hear. her threats and basically telling everyone how to act should the case not go your way. she acted irresponsibly and all republicans should get out out of the way and just let the judge speak. pete: well said, jonathan turley on sean's show last night had a similar tune, listen. >> i think this was all just creating a very bad situation for rendering justice in the case and that's when representative waters walks in and just pours gasoline on this fire. and i think you could see why the judge was so upset. you know, i think that he understood and he certainly understood the defense' motion
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that the failure to change ventricle view, the failure to sequester raised legitimate issues. he has this congresswoman who flies in and says we won't accept anything but conviction and we want you to get more confrontational and stay in the streets it could not be a worse situation for the court. pete: the house did less than nothing. they didn't even get too censure vote it a vote to table it they wanted to block any tough voted for other democrats directly on this. brian: they brought up matt gaetz and what about january 6th. nothing to do with this. pete: nothing at all. when you listen to what maxine waters said about it on the other networks i'm so sorry that it causes pain oftentimes to my colleagues talking to fellow democrat. i'm sorry if i make things politically difficult for you but they stood with me. not i apologize for going and fanning the flames. ainsley: house minority leader kevin mccarthy was behind this. he spruced the bill. he is coming up at 8:30 this morning to talk to us about it. brian: she goes back to
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multi-million-dollar mansion and reflect on her actions. jillian mele does not have a multimillion dollars maps but she will eventually. jillian: not even close. the two young sisters seen being dropped by smugglers over a border wall has been reunited with family. the ecuadorian government did not say whether the girls are with their parents only that they are with family members. the toddler spent five days in the care of hhs. an investigation is underway to identify the two smugglers, a massive fire destroys the iconic domino sugar refinery in baltimore. the fire started in the raw sugar storage shed that spread to the waterfront refinery through a conveyor belt. no injuries reported. all employees were able to evacuate. the cause of the fire is under investigation. a watchdog group will review the faa's decision to under ground the boeing 737 max. the jets were grounded in march of 2019 after two crashes in indonesia and ethiopia in five
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months. 346 people were killed. the faa returned to service after significant safety improvements. boeing declined to comment on the audit of the. if aa's decision. the white house is throwing its weight behind the democrats' bid to make the district of column columbia the 51st state. for far too long more than 700,000 people of washington, d.c. have been deprived of full representation in the u.s. congress. the bill is expected to pass in the house tomorrow. but it's likely dead on arrival in the senate because of the filibuster. that is a look at your headlines. i will send it back to you. pete: there may be one man between the 5 st state and 50 and it's joe manchin right now. brian: wouldn't you think it would be more than 51 a simple majority to get another state into the country? i mean, come on. pete: filibuster is institutional thing in the senate they can get rid of it. ainsley: they want d.c. and puerto rico. brian: they are not adding two. pete: not yet.
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ainsley: exactly. pete: green new deal that as well is back. and will the left's favorite money spending super package have a chance at passing this time around? that's next. ♪ ♪ my nunormal? fewer asthma attacks with nucala. a once-monthly add-on injection for severe eosinophilic asthma. nucala reduces eosinophils, a key cause of severe asthma. nucala is not for sudden breathing problems. allergic reactions can occur. get help right away for swelling of face, mouth, tongue or trouble breathing. infections that can cause shingles have occurred. don't stop steroids unless told by your doctor. tell your doctor if you have a parasitic infection. may cause headache, injection site reactions, back pain, and fatigue. ask your doctor about nucala. find your nunormal with nucala. wealth is your first big investment. ask your doctor about nucala. worth is a partner to help share the load.
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pete: democrats are reigniting push for green new deal. brian: aoc and ed markey are bringing forth the measure the original authors. ainsley: it's going to be expensive. ainsley: the president prepares
3:24 am
for the big virtual climate summit. griff? griff: tomorrow is earth day perhaps it's only fitting that president biden is launching summit hosting 40 nations including china for talks as he unveils his goal of cutting emissions by 50% by the year 2030. it comes after progressives as you mentioned led by representatives alexandria ocasio-cortez and senator ed mark kay relaunching the green new deal. >> what we're gonna do is we are going to transition to 100 percent carbon-free economy that is more unionized, more just, more dignified and guarantees more healthcare and housing than any than we ever have before. >> as part of the deal ocasio-cortez wants to quadruple president biden's proposed investment calling for 172 billion to cut carbon emissions meanwhile republicans are outright slamming it. >> this is not a good for the american people this. is about the far left trying to
3:25 am
change and reshape our economy and our country in their socialist vision. >> push to the left comes after secretary of state blinken acknowledged an administration like transition to a green economy will indeed hurt some americans. >> for all the opportunities offered by the unavoidable shift to clean energy not every american worker will win out in the near term. some livelihoods in communities that relied on old industries will be be hit hard. griff: but the green new deal is not a done deal yet. of course, senator joe march', who we have seen not afraid to are progressives. we have to find out. he talked to reporters yesterday calling the green new deal aspirational, not practical. so we will see where that goes. pete, ainsley, brian? brian: yeah, griff, they don't like each other. appreciate it but we like you. but we have to push you away now. you have to get busy. you can have breakfast. ainsley: there he goes. brian: version of the green new deal focuses on housing. we want to repeal limitation
3:26 am
construction grant programs to modernize public housing. grant programs improvements to reduce carbon emissions. protection vouchers for displaced residents and apprenticeship program for resident along with getting rid of the combustion enjinget. pete: i don't see a lot of -- what they do is they do a ton of transformation under the guise of it's all green. and, of course, with climate change is the religion of the left, this bill is their catechism and they believe they can change human behavior because the world is going to end in 10 years if we don't. brian: who is going to tell the cows? ainsley: the problem is it's going to cost a lot of jobs. if you think about it practically, we talked about the with the keystone pipeline the alternatives are not there yet. it's going to cost you $93 trillion, this is your money, ted cruz says $600,000 for every single household. he said if your last name is not zuckerberg or gates, do you think you would be willing to do
3:27 am
that he said i probably can't find 10 families willing to do it. senator rand paul weighed in as well. listen. they definitely thinkmoney growt of the green plan. if you add all of it up from the infrastructure bill it's actually about 500 billion; 17 billion for weather rising houses when which actually never gets to energy efficiency to meet the cost. there is about 100 with for electric cars. there is 10 billion for some kind of army of climate change people, some kind of climate corps youth sort of government informed youths out there marching for things that the government tells them to do. i think all of it is horrendous. the biggest problem is the financial drain on the country and future of our country by spending so much money we don't have. brian: i can't believe we are having this conversation. we are energy independent for the first time in our history. additional security and the economy that makes everyone envious and they seem determined to destroy it.
3:28 am
and nobody seems that alarmed. pete: they shall they are marxist. this is collectivism. you have said who going to tell the cows? who is going to tell china? china is not abiding by all this nonsense that we're doing. they are driving toward a future that they want to dominate. brian: they are building coal plants faster than any other country on the planet. ainsley: the president is meeting with the president of china will be in the summit. pete: each sure he will scold them over the zoom call all those coal plant. brian: brian pause makes me think we should go to break. right? ainsley: sure. brian: awoke school principal admitting curriculum demonizes white people. the audio you will have to hear. cue the snare drum from our friend at fox bet download the fox bet super 6 app. and play for a chance to win $10,000. all you had need to do is predict six outcomes in the fox bet super 6 quiz show. topics range from entertainment to sports. free to play.
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available on the gmc sierra. jillian: good morning back to headlines. european union back to johnson & johnson vaccine after ruling blood clots very rare side effect. dr. marc siegel joined me on "fox & friends first" to talk about. >> it hooray for the european
3:33 am
union saying go forward with this rack seen and time we take the pause off, too. before we lose compliance and drift over to other vaccines. jillian: this as house democrats launch an investigation into the contractor emergent solutions that accidently ruined 15 million doses of the johnson & johnson vaccine. homeless encampments in los angeles will now be cleaned on a voluntary basis. the city council voting to end mandatory clean up in favor of a, quote, do no harm policy. the move blocks police from intervening. instead officials will put more outreach measures in place and pay some people to keep areas tiedy. well, a jogger has an unbearablably moment while in a wyoming park. take a look? yeah, he doesn't seem all that hungry, absolutely not backing down though. jillian: the man casually staring down the bear. he initially tried yelling at it but it kept approaching. it followed him for half a mile
3:34 am
before finally giving up and going back into the woods. that is a look at your headlines, pete, i don't think i would be that casual about it. pete: if you are on a jog i know you are not supposed to run it would feel like the right thing to do. he handled it correctly. i don't think i would have. thank you, jillian. appreciate it whistle blowing teacher called out manhattan private school for indoctrinating students recorded the head of the school knitting that the curriculum demonizes white people. listen. >> some of our students white people? >> yes. >> okay, so we are demonizing white kids, why don't you just say it. >> we are using language that makes them feel less than. for nothing that they are personally responsible for. pete: making them feel less than for nothing they are responsible for but their race. here to react is the founder for the race. thank you for being here. the head teacher had denied making comment like this. the school has not given a statement about it but when you
3:35 am
hear the words from the head teacher of that school saying yeah, we do treat white kids differently as if they should be ashamed of their race, how do you react to that? >> this is quite honestly the logical conclusion of critical race theory, right? so this has been going on in schools for a while but it's really come to a head in the last year. we have had several high profile cases already, you know, dalton school, riverdale school. this is happening at grace church school. and these are all private institutions in new york city that charge about 54,000 to $60,000 a year for k through 12 education. this is the elites of the elites and the people who graduate from these schools will go on to colleges and run our institutions and run our country. and they are being taught a very cynical, intolerant kind of racist orthodoxy that forces everyone to see each other,
3:36 am
students really by their characteristics. so their skin color, their gender, their sexual orientation and it's very harmful. it pits them against each other. it assigns moral values, are you an oppressor or oppressed purely based on skin color and that's really what we are seeing with this lack wang about demonizing white children because they are born oppressors. it's harrowing this is being taught to our children. and one of the things i push back against. we knead to go back to the original vision that mlk had about judging people by the content of their character and not by the color of their skin which is what promote. >> that's what we white kids going to school are -- i just can't imagine my kid being told you are less than because of how you were born. that's what we used to do the other way so in the name of
3:37 am
anti-racism we are being racist. real quick, this teacher spoke out, recorded, wrote an op-ed on bari weiss' website. what should other teachers and parents be doing. >> i'm sorry you got caught off a little bit. pete: this teacher spoke out what can other parents and teachers do whether they see this anti-racist curriculum? >> so, you know, the plan is to organize. i think that's the lesson that we have to learn. have courage. someone like paul rossi who had the courtroom to actually speak out is probably going to launch an entire movement. is he showing people that it can be done and it's really inspiring to see when you notice something that's wrong and going to speak out about it. fair is trying to support people like paul, teachers, parents, we want to form chapters all over the country, run for your school board, organize. that will be, you know,. pete: amen. >> push back. how this ideology spreads is
3:38 am
really by fear. pete: by cowering. you are exactly right. you have to be prepared for the fact they are going to call you a racist. even though you are not. then you stand up and move past that point and now you are in the middle of a conversation. melissa chen, thank you so much. the organization is fair. we appreciate your time. >> thank you for having me. pete: you got it still ahead former officer derek chauvin is found guilty will anybody do anything to change the narrative on the justice system in america? we will discuss after the break. ♪ or, give you unusually high energy, even when depressed. overwhelmed by bipolar i? ask about vraylar. some medicines only treat the lows or highs. vraylar effectively treats depression, acute manic and mixed episodes of bipolar i in adults. full-spectrum relief for all bipolar i symptoms, with just one pill, once a day. elderly patients with dementia-related
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3:43 am
crazy circumstances. the white cop went to jail and went to court and now will go to prison. so will that change anyone's minds in the media about how racist america is? of course not. because the media has amplified the narrative to a point where there is no turning back. out of tens of millions of police stops, you might get 8 or 10 ugly, awful events. even if you try to do better, and that's all you need to keep this narrative alive. brian: by the way he said 10 million police stops a year, you have a handful that go awry. let's bring inio concha to put it into perspective. one thing greg said during "the five" that he got backlash from co-anchors listen i'm glad he is guilty simply because i don't want to see the looting and i don't want to see my city burn. was he wrong? >> it was gutsy thick to say and a lot of things, ryan, people were thinking at home because we saw during this trial the political pressure from maxine waters, for instance, you have
3:44 am
to get confrontational if this verdict doesn't go the way we want it to. the president of the united states saying that he was praying for the right verdict. and greg gutfeld is just like me is old enough to remember 2020 and saw what happened in cities like new york and minneapolis and portland and seattle and atlanta and chicago in terms of billions of dollars in damage and the deadliest year by the way for police officers in this country since 1974. some of that due to covid because you can't take a day off during a pandemic and because police were portrayed as being not noble protectors but the bad guys. so, i think greg just said what many people were thinking but not many people on tv were brave enough to say and i understand the pushback also from the rest of the panel that says well, we can't sacrifice individuals because we are afraid of the mob, but, in this case, chauvin absolutely guilty, no question. but you have to wonder down the line if this is now going to be something that we see over and over again when social media and politicians get involved to the
3:45 am
point where people feel intimidated, brian. brian: right. when the case is a little bit closer. you know, you look at chauvin and look at that case really after you watched the first nine minutes of that tape you said do we really need a trial? we do. everyone gets due process. what about when it's closer you just know the next controversy there goes that city and maybe your city. and i think it's book ended by the president and vice president and the former president coming out and saying america, just let me remind you you are racist which i don't accept. let's move on and talk about somebody getting extremely positive coverage that's the president of the united states. just asked. we have the latest pugh poll. he has 59% approval rating. pretty impressive. but it's less impressive when you think about how much the media supports him. look at this full screen if you have a monitor there at home, joe. trump's coverage for the most part 89% negative. joe biden's coverage 59% positive. if we start the day regardless of policy like that, you wonder
3:46 am
why you add 15 points to his approval. >> wow. those numbers are really -- i don't want to say they are stunning, they are predictable on some level like the sunrising in the east and birds flying south for the winter and seattle mariners going to the world series which as you know, brian, has never happened. 149 point shift from negative to positive. you will tell me there is nothing to criticize by the way when you have 125,000 unaccompanied children in cages at the border. when you have a media blackout at the border if that happened under trump that would be a big, big problem. skyrocketing crime in cities like we talked about schools not fully being reopened? look, there are plenty of things to criticize this administration on and it doesn't seem to be happening remotely the way it was under president trump, brian. brian: put together this grateful screen. you covered it a little bit. let's take a look at it if you look at the federal response to covid, 242 minutes of air time. 7% positive for joe biden. you won determine why he has high approval.
3:47 am
$1.9 trillion spending bill very little for the covid-19 those afflicted by it, 89% were positive in 120 minutes of air time. the border crisis this is where the media is true to their school. 82% negative. it's a disaster. this infrastructure bill proposed, which has all kind of crazy stuff in it, very little about bridges and tunnels, 63% want it. 6 of 10 positive stories about this and additional gun control 62% is negative. 16 minutes of air time. so, if you look at this, the media has their hand on the scale. if you are out there watching, just be aware of that. >> yeah. when you call a covid bill a covid bill and you don't explain what's in it whereas only 10% goes towards actual healthcare or an infrastructure bill where only 6% going towards bridges and tunnels people hear yea better infrastructure and covid the media isn't digging in the
3:48 am
way they should. 45 mass shootings in the past month, brian. and there is just so many things that we should be talking about with you instead seems to be a cheerleading session for joe biden in his first 100 days. i have a feeling it's going to be first 1,000 days. brian: next thing we know how bad a person you are if you don't want d.c. to be a 51st state which actually george washington was against. remember, we are taking down his statues too. joe, thanks so much. >> great to see you, brian. brian: by the way, despite all that talent under lou the mariners never won a world series. pete and i will discuss this. with permission from you going up to janice because she has been working on the weather. janice: yes, we have record lows across great chunk of the country this. is a big story as we are looking at snow as well. record-breaking snow. here are the freeze advisories stretching from texas to the great lakes. there's the snow in april of '21 across the great lakes portions
3:49 am
of the ohio valley, so we're going to see the measurable snow and maybe even some snowplows and as that cold front slices in to warm, unstable air, the risk for thunderstorms. even severe weather along the east coast. so, we're going to watch the snow and the potential for the thunderstorms along the coast later today in through this evening and we will certainly keep you up to date on all of the above. brian, back to you. brian: all right. thanks so much, janice, appreciate it that's what's going on in america. still my favorite country. straight ahead, the housing market is red hot. we have a pro-to help you navigate the housing market-next. i have nothing else to read. bring up the music and go to break ♪ here i am baby ♪ signed, sealed, delivered, i'm row yours ♪ yeah, baby ♪ thank you! hey, hey, no, no limu, no limu!
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ainsley: welling, if you are in the market for a new house, you might be noticing soaring prices. home buyers are in the middle of the most competitive housing market in 15 years. but high prices don't necessarily mean it is a bad time to buy. here with the tips on how to tackle the housing market,, personal finance expert dan ricado.
3:54 am
good morning, dan. >> hi, ainsley good to be back with you. ainsley: i'm reading 42% of homes are selling above their listing prices. why is that. >> a great time to be a seller, hey, because low inventory, low rates, a lot of folks as you know working from home. that all qualsz a really crazy housing market right now. ainsley: doesn't it depend on where you live there or moving. florida we know home prices are going up and in new york they are going down. >> yeah, for sure. real estate is always location, location, location, ainsley. your old state of south carolina is hot. florida is hot. you know, and there are some states illinois, new york, that well, not so much. ainsley: it's a good place if you are in florida, i have a friend who is trying to buy a house down there and needs a contractor and needs an architect. but they can't find the painters. they can't find people to help. they say the painter is on a two-year you have to book him two years in advance now because they are so flooded with home buyers down there. >> easier to get an orthodontist or dermatologist.
3:55 am
if you can swing a paint brush, ainsley you had are in great shape. ainsley: you need to go down there and get a job if you can't find a job in new york. house prices increased 4.10% from february of last year to february of this year. the biggest gain since 2006. is it a better time since prices are up, should we buy or should we rent? >> that's great question. we have to live somewhere. so, it's a good time to buy. rates are still really low. you want to establish a budget, make sure you know what you can spend, what you can afford to spend. you don't want to be house rich and cash poor. big house lazy boy furniture that's no fun. down payment secured. set aside get preapproved for mortgage. that makes you a strong buyer. do that at you want to present yourself to the seller, ainsley, as the strongest buyer out there. >> and some people are paying more, right? a lot more for houses because it's so come competitive? >> yeah. as you said 42% of house iraqi security forces going for above
3:56 am
list price. that's pretty unusual. ainsley: that's amazing. are we expecting interest rates to group soon. >> they bumped up a little bit and come back a little bit. it looks like we are going between 3% and 4% range at least for the foreseeable future. my first house i had a 12% mortgage i was glad i got it. so these rates are still incredibly low. it's important to compare the rates and, again, can you do that at because that rate is going to be with you for a long time, right? that's the difference between a couple hundred dollars a month, perhaps. ainsley: all right. dan, thank you for coming on. hope to have you on soon. >> you got it, ainsley. ainsley: georgia cafe forced to closed not because they are struggling to find business. they are struggling to hire employees. with non-small cell lung cancer that has spread, tests positive for pd-l1,
3:57 am
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>> we the jury in the above entitled matter find the defendant guilty. >> guilty. [cheers] >> today's verdict is a step forward enough of this senseless killing. >> a table girl shot dead by police in ohio as she try tries stabbing two women. >> a police officer has a right to use that kind of force. >> when you see one person is about to stab another. >> the press showering president biden 59% positive coverage and look at the coverage that president trump got. >> yeah, that's 148 point shift from negative to positive and you're going to tell me that there is nothing to criticize. >> the woke school principal
4:01 am
caught admitting the curriculum demonizes white people. >> do you agree that you were demonizing kids. >> we are demonizing white people. >> this is quite honestly the logical conclusion of critical race theory this. is harrowing that this is being taught to our children. >> if someone jim crow laws in comparison. >> jim: crow absolutely outrageous. we begin with a fox news alert. a jury finding day care chauvin guilty on all counts on the death of george floyd. ainsley: verdict prompting celebrations from new york to los angeles. brian: what kind of night steve harrigan have following all of the unrest in minneapolis. how did it go last night, steve? >> brian, a lot of people here were afraid for a long time that this could erupt in violence thoo did not happen. all the barriers, national guard on the ground, they weren't necessary last night. a real range of emotions some
4:02 am
people celebrating some people crying overall a sense of release. sentencing will take place 8 weeks from now. likely charges on second degree murder. 12 and a half years. same for third degree murder another four years for second degree manslaughter. the judge can add even more years for that chauvin was taken out in handcuffs. is he going to be in jail for sentencing. earlier even before the sentence, president biden said he was praying for the right sentence. he called the floyd family and later he said more police reform is on the way. we be going to get a lot more done. we are going to do a lot. we are going to stay at it until we get it done. >> hopefully this is the momentum for the george floyd justice and policing act to get passed to have you sign. >> you got it, pal, that and a lot more. >> more to come on this story, too. the three officers who were with chauvin are charged with aiding
4:03 am
and abetting murder. their trials began in august. brian, ainsley, pete, back to you. brian: that should be interesting and especially if there is an appeal if that happens. steve, thank you very much. all right. let's bring in jonathan turley, fox news contributor, george washington university law professor. jonathan, did they get it right? >> i think they got it right in terms of the conviction. one can have a honest debate whether this was a stronger manslaughter than murder case. i always viewed this more as a manslaughter case. but i think that few people would disagree that the evidence was overwhelming, it was a tremendous challenge for the defense. that video was played repeatedly in the trial. it just is indelible in the minds of all americans, this is a national traumatic thing that you see and you can't unsee. i think the jury clearly got it right the question will be whether there are ground for
4:04 am
appeal going forward. pete: steve harrigan in his report used the word relief. there was for some people relief in the verdict of what happened there and there is also and we played sound of it this morning this sense of relief that now we don't have continue to during rioting across the country and violence like we saw last summer. how do we make sure that justice system works without being under the threat or the veiled threat or the overt threat of violence should it not go a certain way? >> i think that's what the judge in the case judge cahill was trying to say. it's astonishing that he was attacked for saying what should be common sense that members of congress should fly into highly volatile area and throw gasoline on this fire. buff the greatest danger is that people will conclude they have a license to riot or cause violence if they disagree with the verdict. and that was part of the criticism of representative waters' comments is her
4:05 am
connecting this unwillingness to accept an acquittal in the same time people talking in the streets and getting more confrontational. ainsley: the president weighed in on this. listen to this soundbite. the into on the neck for justice for black and brown americans. fear and trauma. black and brown americans experience every single day. the murder of george floyd launched a summer of protest, we hadn't seen since the civil rights era in the 1960s, protests that unified people of every race and generation with peaceand with purpose. to say enough, enough, enough of this senseless killing. ainsley: jonathan, is he calling for this bill named after george floyd which would ban the chokehold and do away with
4:06 am
qualified immunity for officers from a law professor standpoint. what do you think about that doing away with the qualified immunity? >> well, you know, i think that we can -- we can have an honest debate about qualified immunity and how far it extends. i often have to litigate against qualified immunity by the government. part of the controversy over this law is going to be the federalization of this area. you know, the term police powers is used in federalism in constitutional law because those are powers and in combination with the law designed to essentially federalize elections, there is a lot of sort of state federal issues here. the question of immunity is this delicate balance. to what extent does reducing immunity then inhibit or chill officers in situations of
4:07 am
danger? so it's a very delicate balance. and we haven't even started that debate. brian: you know, i want to get to what happens to the other officers who obviously stood by one was on the job two weeks and that's going to incite i'm sure a lot of emotion, president obama said something interesting and i say that with an eyebrow raised. right now it requires to us recognize that millions of our it friends and family live in fear next encounter with a law enforcement official could be their last and requires us to do this thankless difficult necessary work of making america we know more like the america we believe. in do you think do the numbered a up within law enforcement and within the justice department and justice community that there is two sets of laws one for minorities, one for whites? >> well, i do think there is a danger of overstatement. many people say let's have a debate about race which is
4:08 am
totally correct. we should have a debate, a discussion about race. when people particularly academics try to enter that debate they are silenced or attack. academic that says look you are exaggerating some of these numbers. if we are going to have this discussion, let's understand the actual numbers involved here. and the causes of shootings and how they -- you know, connect with socioeconomic and police issues that debate and discussion is not happening because the minute someone gives a countervailing view, they are accuse of racism. and, brian, with regard to those officers going forward those cases are going to be are he was just put on the force in the video he is the one who is telling turn on the air
4:09 am
conditioning, move him so he can breathe. he was criminally charged. what was really interesting is on the last day of the case and the closing arguments, the prosecutor told the jury and the court that the other officers were, quote, powerless, like the pedestrians, to do anything. that struck me as an odd statement. because you usually don't prosecute the powerless. and how that prosecutor is going to square that statement when he is in court trying to convict those same officers that he called powerless to do anything during this trial. brian: let's just hope that no one convicts him, the jury because they don't want a city to burn. that's the scenario. we can't have the jury being intimidated by sitting congressman or presidents or former presidents. >> that's right. we have got to. judge cahill's words need to
4:10 am
resonate with everyone. highly ironic that 'waters undermined this case but undermined her own case. she is suing donald trump for essentially doing what she is accused of doing in minneapolis. she has a lawsuit accusing him of violent speech and encouraging insurrection. well, she is now going to be his best witness. how is that judge going to rule? you have got a litigant accused of the very same conduct who is trying to get you to rule against the former president. it's very likely the court is going to view both of these situations certainly the president's speech as protected speech. and waters and swalwell and others who brought these cases may have given the president the ultimate opportunity for vindication right before the next election. pete: when it comes to speech by
4:11 am
maxine water referenced by the judge in the courtroom. he said himself this could open up to appeal. i know the verdict is in and it's not necessarily time to talk appeal do think have ace or is that something that was just mentioned in court. >> i would be surprised if they could overturn this verdict. but there are really serious questions about the judge refusing to change the venue early on. not sequestering the jury to not just waters' comment. during voir dire, during the selection of the jurors. for some reason these politicians decided to announce a record settlement with the family. that had an impact. then there was the rioting and wright shooting. venue was never changed. the jurors were never sequestered. those are legitimate issues. the question is whether they can show something concrete and whether they actually question the jurors did you see waters' comments? pete: with k. they do that?
4:12 am
can they ask them that. >> usually you ask the court to poll the jury to question the jury. i don't know if that was done. even without that, you can raise these issues venue. this was a media sat temperature rate offed area. it was also an area of heavy rioting. i think the judge made a mistake by not changing venue at the very start of this trial. ainsley: why weren't they sequestered in such a high profile case i don't understand that is he a good judge. below that you one. he should have sequestered them. >> i didn't agree when he decided to keep the trial in minneapolis. i didn't agree when he decided not to sequester the jury when that settlement came down but then when all of the stuff because mounting, he sort of stayed the course and wouldn't sequester them. i have no idea why he did that. i think that it could have con
4:13 am
testimony nateed this jury. brian: i don't want to you get mad at me but i was talking to a different attorney at a different time don't take that personal. [laughter] >> i always suspected it, brian. brian: now you have proof. he told me it's very expensive. it's very costly and that could have played a role in this request for jury. >> oh, it did. yeah, it is. also change of venue was expensive. i did a change of venue motion and it's very expensive to do it. you actually have to do polling of the area when you try to do a venue change. these are all very expensive items. brian: all right. sorry i had to tell you that jonathan. >> and on live television. ainsley: can i ask you one question about choosing a jury. don't you choose a jury that doesn't have any information about the case? how is that possible in this case? >> yeah. that's a very good point. and judges no longer require that because you wouldn't want jurors that were completely clueless about the george floyd
4:14 am
case, right? these are people that have to live in a cave without any television or influence. so, the key here is to question them about their bias. so, we're not trying to remove them from knowledge of a controversy. but that doesn't mean you can't take minimal steps to try to protect them, to create barriers, particularly during the trial. and i think that was part of the frustration of judge cahill. i think he realized that he did leave the trial vulnerable to this influence and then who walks in? representative waters and just blows the whole thing up. brian: jonathan turley, thank you so much. that you can to you soon. >> thank you. ainsley: jillian is upstairs. she has headlines. good morning, jillian. jillian: that's right. begin with a fox news alert now. protests overnight after ohio police kill a knife wielding teen. take a look. [chanting what do we want justice? when do we want it now?
4:15 am
jillian: columbus police officer firing as the girl was trying to stab another person. the identifying her as any kia bryant. the aunt says the girl did have a knife but that she dropped it before she was shot. a civilian rescue team finds debris from a boat 60 miles away from where a boat capsized in the gulf of mexico. the cajun navy locating a knife boat as they searched for crew members still missing. it is unclear if anyone actually used the boat the coast guard ended its search for eight sailors after recovering five bodies. six people were rescued on the first day. democrat henry cuellar says author than 16,000 migrants have been released from federal custody without court notices since president joe biden took office. the congressman telling border report quote it's an honor system they are given and this is not the way it's supposed to be. cbp reports a 71% increase in illegal encounters in march
4:16 am
prince harry is back in the state the 36-year-old skipping queen elizabeth's birthday to be with 'his wife meghan and toddler. the queen has no plans to celebrate her 95th birthday there will knob customary gun spliewts or portrait. while as a family we are in a period of great sadness, it has been a comfort to us all to see and to hear the tributes paid to my husband. that is a look at your headlines. i will send it back to you. ainsley: thank you, jillian. the green new deal is back. how much will the left's favorite money spending super package cost american jobs? we'll talk to a laid off keystone pipeline worker coming up next. and a georgia cafe is forced to cut its hours except they are not struggling to business they are struggling to find employees. the owner explains straight ahead ♪ taking care of business ♪ it's all right ♪ taking care of business ♪ working overtime
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♪ >> for all the opportunities offered by the unavoidable shift to clean energy, not every american worker will win out in the near term. some livelihoods in communities relied on old industries will be hit hard. >> the biden administration continues its push for new green jobs even if it costs some of the working class their livelihoods. joining me now is a laid off keystone xl pipeline worker lee turfer. good morning to you levi. >> good morning. >> i know you have been on our show before and you said that this shut down is keeping you from providing a decent life for
4:22 am
your kids and your. why how is this effecting you? >> well, you know, on this job alone i could have made easily over 100 grand. it would have lasted most of the year now i'm sitting at home i'm not goat draw unemployment. i'm not getting help from the government along with the other members of 798, they are not getting any help either. we feel like that we are just stranded and left out in the cold. ainsley: wow. and we are seeing these pictures. these are the faces that are affected. these are your beautiful children and you are not making a paycheck now? >> i have started my own business trying to in an effort to try and cover the bills. but taps question from one day to the nengeghts. ainsley: that is so sad. we were talking about this yesterday. in my profession the
4:23 am
administration doesn't determine if i have a paycheck or a pink slip. but in your profession it actually did. >> i'm sorry, what? ainsley: i said in your profession, whoever is the president determines if you are getting a paycheck or you are getting a pink slip. >> yes. in the trump administration, ever since he took office, i had done nothing but me and my family had done nothing but prosper and had plentiful work. and as soon as biden took office that immediately stopped. ainsley: you know, i questioned during the election why the united association of union plumbers and pipe fitters which is a large union 400,000 members including welders and sprinklers why did that union endorse biden? >> you know, i'm not really for sure. other than the fact that they are fools, maybe. i don't know that they have even been affected by his administration but i know that local 798 and it members have
4:24 am
been. ainsley: levi, you are probably like my dad a hard-working dad three kids like my dad did and he wanted to work. he worked several jobs to put us through school and put a roof over our head. you want to work, don't you? >> yes, ma'am. i do not want to draw unemployment. i do not want to rely on the government. i don't want to rely on anything other than jesus christ and myself and that's just where i stand on that situation, you know. ainsley: how are you getting through it? >> standing in the faith and just taking it i do by day. ainsley: you keep the faith. got will bless you. >> thank you. ainsley: i wish you all the best, levi, thank you so much. >> thank you. ainsley: you are welcome. 7:24 here on the east coast. awoke school principal caught admitting their curriculum demonizes white people. the audio that you have to hear to believe and what parents can do about it. and from our friends at fox bet. can you download the fox bet
4:25 am
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♪ ainsley: we are back with a fox news alert. one suspect is reportedly in custody after reports of an active shootner upper macungie pennsylvania. police are setting up unknown person hurt. one person transported to the hospital. the incident sparking a massive police operation in that area. again this is a live look chopper video in upper macungie township, pennsylvania. we will keep you updated as soon as we get any new developments. in the meantime we are also following this story a crowd of black lives matter supporters caught heckling diners at new york city eatery. take a look. [shouting] >> we don't want you here. >> we don't want you here. >> we don't want you here. jillian: man on platform yelling at diners telling them to lee new york. video posted hours after a jury
4:30 am
found former minneapolis police officer derek chauvin guilty on all three charges on the death of george floyd. court documents revealed smart once buried the california college student vanished 25 years ago and her marines have never been found. authorities believe her body was recently moved. charged with first degree murder in the case. his father reuben flores is charged as accessory. both have plead not guilty. and democrats are looking to change the rules ahead of the potential recall election of governor gavin newsom. the new measure calls for voter records and personal information like phone number and home address to be made publicly available if you sign a recall petition. critics say democrats are trying to intimidate voters and call the bill, quote, dangerous and reckless. brian, back to you. brian: thanks, jillian. meanwhile talking talk about this. whistleblower teacher who called out manhattan private school for
4:31 am
indoctrinating students called the head of the school admitting the curriculum demonizes white kids. >> some of our students white people. >> yes. >> so we are demonizing white kids? why don't you say it. >> we are using language that makes them feel less than for nothing that they are personally responsible for. brian: wow. so what is it? what is being taught to our kids in schools, schools cost $54,000. how can teachers and parents fight back here is oklahoma wesleyan university president and author of grow up, life isn't safe but it's good. and dr. everett piper as well as philadelphia public school teacher and author of the book exploring white fragility, debating the effect of whiteness studies on american schools christopher paslay. appreciate you being there. let's start with you dr. piper. were you shocked when you heard this sound from this recorded conversation. >> no. once again, my industry, education has proven itself to
4:32 am
be a problem more than the solution. when you teach safe spaces and microaggressions and trigger warnings, when you teach these childish ideas in the academy, you shouldn't be surprised to find a bunch of students and teachers that behave like children and say i don't like your ideas. you make me feel bad. i want you to be canceled. i want you to be silenced. i want you to be investor bow investor bow continue and expelled from schools. education isn't supposed to be safe it's supposed to be good. this is a christian school they should understand the 2,000 year admonition of saint paul set aside these childish things and childish ideas and grow up. education is supposed to been pursuing what's good and right and real. not protecting your safety. and if we would return to the time-tested truths of teaching the debate is good, disagreement is good. pursuing truth rather than protecting your opinions is good. maybe we could work our way out of this ideological fascism and
4:33 am
enjoy a little intellectual liberty again. brian: just to expand on that excerpt from op-ed fighting cancel cull number our universities. reform you should check it out on so, chris, would you have noticed this when did you first notice this hang in your school? >> my school is interesting because the things that happen are few and far between so my situation is actually a pretty decent situation. we stick to the, you know, the skills and the values and rigger of instruction. i have heard many different stories of other parts of the country and other districts where the stuff is creeping. in i just like to thank paul rossi for his letter because this was forwarded to me by other teachers and parent groupsance things and it's an excellent letter. i thought it was professional. i thought it was very thoughtful. it's clear that he cares about his students. he had the courage to speak about this. because teachers and parents are concerned and they do see things in their school or community
4:34 am
that they want to talk about. we should have the ability to talk about these things and have a debate. but, unfortunately with critical race theory it's not an approach that welcomes debate. it doesn't welcome communication and unfortunately people like paul rossi have to speak up to let everybody know what's going on in certain cases. brian: you know, doctor, some of the things in this grace church school for example here in manhattan, why here i don't understand, instead of mom and dad say grown up and folks instead of merry christmas and happy holidays have a great break. say people, folks, friends, readers and mathematicians. i'm wondering whether i talk to chris and hear from paul rossi and other parents from connecticut writing do you have hope that the pushback will be enough to stop this in its tracks? >> again, if we were to return to the time-tested truths that debate and disagreement is good and little cognitive dissidence
4:35 am
is good. pursuing truth rather than protecting your opinions is good. if we would return to these adult ideas rather than this infantilized thinking. then we could cover the high ground of mature adult debate and function like free human beings rather than being subjected to this ideological fascism. brian: chris, real quick, is there enough blow back to stop this in its tracks? >> i think people are starting to pay close attention. parents, teachers are paying attention to what's going on because it sounds well-meaning and in certain cases it is. don't get me wrong. i don't want to stereotype and say all of this stuff is bad because we do need to address certain issues. but i think people are starting to pay closer attention and i think that there is a movement to pay close attention and to call this stuff out and try to bring back, you know, more of a holistic education based in critical thinking and debate and real discussion and real education and not just indoctrine nation. brian: outside people like bill bennett we have taken our eyes off of education and focused on politics, democrats kept their eyes on education and now we are
4:36 am
seeing the results. thanks to both of you. appreciate your expertise. >> thank you. brian: thanks for what you do. meanwhile straight ahead we move ahead. burgess owens calling out joe biden voter law being the new jim crow he lived through that listen to him. >> it's disgusting and offensive to compare the actual voter suppression and violence of that era that we grew up in with a state law that only ask that people show their i.d. ♪
4:37 am
4:38 am
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♪ ♪ ♪ >> for someone who has actually experienced jim crow laws i would like to set the record straight on the myth of the recently passed georgia state law and why any comparison between this law and jim crow is absolutely outrageous. president biden said of the georgia law this is jim crow on steroids. it is disgusting and offensive to compare the actual voter suppression and violence of that
4:41 am
era that we grew up in with a state law that only asks that people show their i.d. ainsley: a house hearing on voting rights takes impassioned turn as congressman burgess owens calls out joe biden for his comparison of the voting reforms in georgia to jim crow. pete: utah g.o.p. congressman burgess owens joins us with more. congressman, thanks for being here. the name of the hearing which was established by democrats is jim crow 2021. you took issue with that characterization. what was the response? >> well, i took issue because, first of all, this is an insult actually when you start looking at what this comes down to. keep in mind, brian, you know, the american dream, getting to the middle class depends on having i.d. depend on being able to travel and getting on airplane and go to school all those kind of things. and we have a party that is really -- this is true bigotry the soft bigotry of low expectations where all of a
4:42 am
sudden black people cannot do what every other race or culture does, the hispanics, the italian, german, jewish, everybody knows how to get an i.d. but obviously we don't. and that's why we have to -- we are now looking at asking for i.d. is therefore racist. by the way, it was jim crow, the democrats who started and pushed the jim crow law us. the democrats who did all those nasty things that we are hearing about keep in mind it was a party that they are now pointing to the american people. they're the party that did all of that at the turn of the century. ainsley: lindsey graham had an exchange with stacey abe bramtion. listen to this. >> do you support voter identification laws? >> yes. but i would restrictive voter identification laws that narrow a set of permissible materials. >> the answer is yes is a concept. ainsley: us what your response. >> the answer should be yes if you want to live the american dream. it is interesting and by the way, the greatest threat for
4:43 am
democrats is american people, no matter what color, that's part of the middle class, those folks who are no longer dependent on government. they have faith. they have a vision for their family. they look for it because they understand and experience the american dream. the greatest threat. that's why do not want black people to experience that they tear down and burn down their businesses every single year in urban community. trying to reach that middle class. to say that black people cannot get i.d. is an insult. we are as smart and tenacious as desirous of the independent of anybody else. and if anyone who says that is not the truth is again just pure racist. brian: stacey abrams comes outs and accepts it's jim crow 2.0. lindsey graham asks this question listen, is voter i.d. racist? no. what do you want to use? so far can you use in georgia a utility bill, the last four digits of your social security number, obviously a driver's license. and they offer free i.d.
4:44 am
you have 18 months to get a free i.d. but that is saying you don't have an i.d. to get on a plane, to get a vaccine, to get a covid test, to walk into a building, i don't know to get your mail. i mean, it's just unbelievable that people put race into i.d. and they got rid of voter authentication because they thought it was so varied today. >> at the end of the day we have a party that is using everything they can to divide us. everybody who understands the georgia law knows it's fair. and anyone who is trying to change the narrative is trying to divide us as a people. let's not let them get away with that for sure. pete: congressman, you saw the verdict yesterday in the chauvin trial. the "new york post" editorial board had a headline and reaction to it. after the chauvin trial politicians must turn down the temperature. so, the verdict is in. guilty. do you anticipate that politicians will turn the temperature down like what we
4:45 am
saw, say, from maxine waters in the middle of the trial. >> no, i don't expect it because you have to understand what these politicians are doing. there is a great book, brian, called the naked communist 1959 based on the facts that marxists love chaos. that's what they did this russia stalin and lenin. trying to do what doing now. everything we have is crazy. no one can make any sense of it. at the same time at the border we have 3500 people came in last night. we have 500 young kids unaccompanied kids that came in yesterday. that's the average we have right now. it's all about chaos. and our country is a place of rule of law. we have come here. we feel comfortable and safe. that's what we are up against. it's a very evil leftist ideology. brian: do you know who loves to see this china? , russia, the europeans taking advantage of it the chaos here at home makes us take our eyes off what is happening abroad. a guy like you who lived through the jim crow laws i can only imagine how outraged you feel when people are saying that's what it is like in 2021. >> we have come a long ways,
4:46 am
brian, long, long ways. brian: you got it, congressman. thank you so much. >> thank you, guys. ainsley: he said he lived through that time and saw protesters outside of theaters because black people were not allow in the theaters. brian: he protested with them. ainsley: and had separate restrooms. pete: imagine u.s. congressman say black people are just as capable. the fact that he even has to say those words unbelievable. brian: i know. ainsley: janice has been saying a word we didn't expect in april. a lot of snow i'm hearing from you this week, janice. janice: yeah, historic snow and historic cold temperatures for this time of year far south as texas. take a look at this. we are still talking about wind chills where it feels like well, 12 in rapid city. 17 in denver. into the 20's in chicago and cincinnati. 32 in memphis. you get the picture in front of this cold front that's where we have relatively warmer air and not only snow in the forecast but the potential for strong to severe thunderstorms later this
4:47 am
afternoon for coastal areas across the northeast. but, of course, people will be talking about the potential for snow across the interior northeast. the great lakes and the ohio valley as well as the mountains of the appalachians. so, this is a significant storm system. good news is it's going to be quickly moving offshore so by tomorrow things will improve. there is the snowfall totals especially across the portions of upstate new york in towards new england. and just to show you the rebound, okay, in temperatures. so, you know, don't get too depressed because we are going to be in the 60's, close to 70 degrees along the coast for new york up towards boston. there is your forecast today. the big story, of course, that cold front slicing across the eastern u.s. the rest of the country relatively quiet. and things will start to calm down across the east coast and will melt that snow very quickly. there's your silver lining right? pete, ainsley, brian, back to you. ainsley: thanks, janice. pete: got to melt eventually
4:48 am
some day. i learned that in minnesota. it takes a while up there. brian: right, july it melts. pete: all right, house minority leader kevin mccarthy will join us live next hour. plus, a georgia cafe is forced to cut it hours except they are not struggling to find business. they are struggle fling to find employees. hear from that owner next. brian: we'll just stare ♪ take a chance on me ♪ not everybody wants the same thing. that's why i go with liberty mutual — they customize my car insurance so i only pay for what i need. 'cause i do things a bit differently. wet teddy bears! wet teddy bears here! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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jillian: good morning and welcome back. let's gyp with this story the san francisco union need school district is warning parent there may not be not enough substitutes to cover classes nearly 300 teachers received medical exceptions to keep working remotely. the district telling schools they may shift to from 'n. person to hybrid learning. a lost battalion with covid-19 celebrates after being discharged. kristin kaye spent 111 days in the hospital on a he ventilator. she finally got it hug her son. look at this touching moment.
4:53 am
she will now go to a long-term care facility to continue her recovery. that is priceless right there, pete. pete: thank you, jill yap. the georgia business owner says she is closing her cafe for one day a week not because she is struggling to find business but because she is struggling to find employees. and the lack of staff makes it impossible for her to accommodate customers. angela is the owner of cafe gourmet and she joins us now. angela, thanks so much for being with us this morning. so you find your business in an unusual spot, i presume before covid-19 you didn't have a problem finding staff. now as you try to open back up, you are? >> that's correct. in fact, we never closed our business during the pandemic even during the shutdown. now business is increasing downtown. i have to face a really hard situation is not findings the staff. so i made the decision to close
4:54 am
the business one days a week because i cannot find people. pete: hurts your bottom line people coming on that thursday overall. what is the reason why you can't find enough staff? >> well, everybody in the town is actually hiring. everyone. so, i'm not sure because there is not enough people looking for a job also there is a lot of competition to hire staff and small business it's really hard for me to compete on that matter. pete: so you are saying part of it might be unemployment benefits, folks are making right now to supplement they are receiving is equal to or more than coming back to work so why come back to work? >> that's idea i'm not sure about that. the only thing i can say it's a struggle for me. i have really few applications and even people who just don't show up for the interview. so it is hard time for the small business like us.
4:55 am
pete: are you in a position where can you raise wages to pay more or does that ultimately make doing business not even possible? >> we tried not as much as other big companies tried to attract new employees, of course, but what we are looking for is not just seasonal jobs. we are really looking for a long-term and people who want to join our team which is a different job opportunity and a different offer regard other [inaudible] right now. pete: right now you are closing one day a week. if you are not able to hire staff, would it be more days? what are you facing right now? >> well, we are working with a skelton crew. so far we have been able to handle it. i think one day a week should be something we can management just hoping that i have no more staff walking away from our actual team but i did get few
4:56 am
interesting people come to the cafe. i hope this situation will fix itself pretty soon. pete: if there are folks watching in savannah, georgia. they should take a look and maybe consider putting in an application. interesting point. the bigger businesses can more easily raise wages it's more difficult for you especially in the short time. angela yeo the restaurant is cafe in savannah, georgia. >> thank you. pete: come up kevin mccarthy and leo terrell. don't go anywhere. ♪
4:57 am
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we the jury in the above entitled matter find the defendant guilty count 2 guilty. count 3 guilty. >> the jury clearly got it right the question will be whether there are ground for appeal going forward. >> protests overnight after ohio police kill a knife-wielding teen. >> a police officer can use deadly force to protect the lives of others. >> the progressives are ready to roll out the green new deal. >> not every american worker will win out in the near term. >> in the trump administration, me and my family had done nothing but prosper and as soon as biden took office that immediately stopped. >> the woke school principal caught admitting the curriculum demonizes white people. >> do you agree that we are demonizing kids. >> we are demonizing white people for being born. >> there is a movement pay close attention to call this stuff out and try to bring back real
5:01 am
education and not just indoctrination. brian: burgess owens calling out joe biden calling the new georgia voting law jim crow. >> anyone who knows the faye law knows it's fair and anyone trying to call out narrative is trying to divide the people. ainsley: derek chauvin is waking up behind bars after being convicted in the murder of george floyd. brian: the verdict prompting celebrations across the country from new york to los angeles. you are seeing the quad boxes there. pete: steve harrigan is live in minneapolis with how it all unfolded. steve, good morning. >> good morning. there was a real eruption of emotions verdict some people celebrating. other people crying. overall in the city a since of relief for many. city prepared for violent unrest as happened last year. it did not happen overnight. instead a lot of celebration. now, the sentencing scheduled to take place in 8 weeks, chauvin could spend decades in jail.
5:02 am
each of the murder counts carries a likely penalty of 12.5 years. the manslaughter charge an additional four years and the judge can tack on even more years for aggravating circumstances. chauvin was taken out of court in handcuffs. he will be in jail until that sentencing. even before the trial ended, president biden weighed in saying he was praying for the right verdict. he spoke with the floyd family by phone and then said that more police reform was on the way. >> today's verdict is a step forward but it's not enough. we can't stop here. in order to deliver real change and reform we can and we must do more to reduce the likelihood that tragedies like this will ever happen and occur again. >> trials of the three officers who were with chauvin begin in august. brian, ainsley, pete, back to you. brian: thanks.
5:03 am
so. let's bring in leo terrell. i don't think the verdict was a surprise. are you relieved it doesn't seem to be violence that ensued afterwards? >> brian, i'm relieved that the amount of violence has been reduced dramatically, but i think people need to understand this was a trial about murder not about race, not about whether or not derek chauvin was a racist. the case had nothing to do with race but you can't imagine that given what you are hearing from the left and from the democrats. that's the embarrassing part about it. brian: can i just qualify that for a second? what you are saying is if it was a white person that gave a phony $20 bill that derek chauvin would have done the same thing? >> i'm saying to you that derek chauvin's conduct was not motivated by race. you look at the charges which he was found guilty of. you look at the presentation of the case by the prosecution, brian, there was not one word uttered about race.
5:04 am
look at the diversity of the jury. nothing about race. but as you listen to joe biden who could look americans through the camera and say there is systemic discrimination, kamala harris, they are lying to the american public without any hesitation. that's a shameful part about this. everything is about race, black vs. white. and it's embarrassing and it's insulting and it's being used for one purpose to pander to the black voters so that they can remain as democrats. it's very, very insulting. pete: leo, you mentioned what the vice president and the president said yesterday. here it is. >> america has a long history of systemic racism. black americans and black men in particular have been treated throughout the course of our history as less than human. here's the truth about racial injustice. it is not just a black america problem or a people of color
5:05 am
problem. it is a problem for every american. >> today a jury in minnesota found former minneapolis police officer derek chauvin guilty on all counts in the murder of george floyd last may. and it ripped the blinders off of for the whole world see the systemic racism, produce found fear and trauma. the pain and exhaustion that black and brown americans experience every single day. pete: leo, so it was systemic racism multiple, multiple times. so at another point in his speech. joe biden said most white men and women who wear the badge serve their communities honorably. so if most serve their communities honorably, how is the system also systemically racist. that's the big lie. the next time can someone just
5:06 am
ask joe biden and kamala harris name the city, name the state, name governor, name mayor where systemic racism exists? it's the democratic playbook. it's the democratic kool-aid. let me mention this. this is 1950, 1960. you look at these democratic cities. there are black mayors, black police chiefs, the police departments are filled with minorities. that's the big lie. why? because if black leaves the democratic party there is no democratic party. again, see how we are losing the focus. it's about a murder case. but the democrats want you to play the race card 24/7 and that is the focus of the democrats. not about police reform, play the race card. ainsley: lot of people do agree with kamala harris and joe biden. we are seeing protests and black lives matter movement. how too we end this conversation and come together as a country so that 50% of the country doesn't feel the way that they
5:07 am
do? >> >> i will tell you, ainsley, that is going to be one of the hardest things because right now the democrats control the public relations media. i give them a plus for playing race card. when they play the race card in education, school, now healthcare is racism. you have to basically it freezes people. being accused as racist, it freezes people. and it intimidates people. corporations are quifing money to black lives matter, it's a very difficult tank. but you have to call them on it when the question was asked about systemic racism, where is it? name me the town and city? they don't answer that question because it does not exist. systemic discrimination does not exist in this great country that is a lie. look, again, we are talking about racism, we are not talking about the police case involving derek chauvin. one other point i need to point out. every case is unique but when you see a case that involves a black officer -- excuse me a
5:08 am
white officer and black victim, all of a sudden every case is lumped into that case and is assumed that this systemic. that's a lie. brian: one thing is pretty clear. you can take politics out of it you had a judge who worked for amy klobuchar max seen waters stay out of this case and this is where politics don't belong. she seemed to get a total pass from congress and the democrats who had no problem with her acts even though the judge did. she was contrite last night on another network. >> and that's what the civil rights movement was all about. it was about activism. it was about confrontation. and a lot of people see that as being bad. and they try to turn my words into something about violence. it's not about violence. martin luther king was about nonviolence.
5:09 am
i am nonviolent. confrontation was used for the sit-ins in the civil rights legislations, the marchs, the prayers, all of that is confrontation. brian: leo? >> let me just tell you right now for her to even utter the word of dr. king is insulting. i'm a civil right attorney. dr. king was a man of nonviolence. here is, again, the inconsistency of the democratic party. they accuse president trump who didn't say one single word of violence on january 6th. she gets a pass. and i'm going to be very upfront and honest, her ethnicity allows her to get a pass. and if you accuse her of using racist comments, if you are a white person, you are a racist. if you are a black person, i'm a sell out. you can't win with them. because they will flip it over and accuse you of being the racist when, in fact, they are. this is joe biden, the guy who said last year if you don't vote for me you ain't black. that is the number one reason why i left the democratic party because the race card is a
5:10 am
permanent card that they will play in order to pander to black voters. ainsley: are you expecting an appeal in this case and what could you expect to happen to the other three officers because their case -- they will go to trial in august. >> i definitely expect an appeal, ainsley, because it's just automatic. this guy is facing murder charge. every argument will be presented in that appeal. the question is whether or not the defense attorneys will be able to talk to those jurors to see if they heard the comments by maxine waters and did it influence their deliberation process? if it did, that's an automatic reversal. and as far as those other officers, if i was the prosecutor, if i was the officer's attorneys, given what happened, i would try to strike a plea deal and put this case behind and move forward. pete: leo, the left calls themselves progressives. meaning they want progress. they want to move forward. do you think this verdict, which they will sees a a positive
5:11 am
outcome, will change the left's view that america is racist? is it demonstrative of progress or will it just be the next thing that happens? >> let me think about that. no, absolutely not. in fact, people on the left, some of the extremists, pete, they are unhappy. they want chaos. look, if there was peace, tranquility, no so-called racism, they wouldn't have an argument. you cannot appease criminals. you cannot appease extremists. they like chaos. and they will continue to be chaotic, to also disrupt the american way of life. it is just extremists who will not ever, ever, ever be satisfied. brian: lastly, leo, at least from me and then ainsley will go i don't want to say prematurely. ainsley: we still have two members with him. brian: what i'm wondering is there a sense that you have that
5:12 am
people like senator tim scott have evidently working with cory booker and karen bass that there should be some type of police reform or updating things they are teaching small towns as well as big cities in academies? is there a sense of that? >> brian, it's sad to say, no. i will give you the best example. i'm sure you know this as well as i do. tim scott last year proposed a police reform bill. it was shot down by whom? by two democratic black senators, cory booker and kamala harris. why? because they don't want the republicans to be involved in working on police reform. that's their issue. so they shot it down. that tells you they don't want to work together. they don't want bipartisan. and then you hear joe biden and kamala harris talk about the george floyd police reform bill. they want to hijack and monopolize the police reform bill. they do not want compromise because they are afraid, brian,
5:13 am
that black voters will see that the republicans are just as concerned as they are about weeding out bad police officers. it's the political game. sad. very sad. ainsley: leo, we see you on sean hannity's hat it's leo 2.0. because you became a republican, what, a year ago? brian: right. and we have a dress code no hat. >> a year ago, no. the dress code is because sean hannity prevent me from wearing the hat on "fox & friends." i love the words. right over here. sean hannity won't let me wear it. brian: you got the right. ainsley: why did you that i think? why did you brk a republican. >> two reasons and it's true. everyone needs to know this. i have been a civil right attorney for 30 years. i have sued law enforcement maybe 150, 200 times in los angeles. i left the democrats for two reasons. one, joe biden said that if you don't vote for me, you ain't black. and more importantly, i have family in law enforcement. people don't know that.
5:14 am
and police officers protect our society. 98% of police officers are great. but when the democrats left and abandoned law enforcement, coupled with what joe biden says, those two reasons were the fundamental reasons why i left the democratic party. and i'm never going back because it has been hijacked by extremists. pete: you didn't live the democrat party they left leo terrell. thanks so much for your insight. powerful stuff. >> thank you. brian: we have had a long stand nothing hat rule. like the yankees, we demand no facial hair we demand no hat. ainsley: next time have you got to wear it. >> tell sean, brian, ainsley and pete let me wear the hat here, please. brian: she never talks to sean. i will mention it to sean. ainsley: thank you so much, leo. have a good one. jillian is upstairs. i'm going to hurt brian but we are going to talk to you, jillian. that's fine. i will take it from here. jillian: let's begin with a fox news alert. protests were happening after an
5:15 am
ohio police officer killed a knife wielding teen. take a look at this ♪ what do we want? >> justice. >> when do we want it? >> now. jillian: video shows video columbus firing ant teen tries to stab another person. the aunt says the girl did have a knife but she dropped it before she was shot. another fox news alert now. lehigh county coroner's office is responding after reports of an active shooter in you were mccungie out of allen town. one suspect is in custody. not clear exactly the situation here or how many people are hurt. officers are taking off at least two quadruple scenes one at a wawa another at child care center. officials are expected to release new information within the hour. local reports say they are waiting on a news conference by state police. we will bring you new information as we have it. meantime, the two young sisters
5:16 am
being dropped over a border wall have been reunited with family. the ecuadorian government didn't say whether the girls are with parents only that they are with family members. the toddler spent five days in the care of hhs. the investigation is underway to identify the two smugglers. and the former coming back to it mountains. announcing for tasting room in tennessee as part of his brand new whiskey brand. also planning a 20,000 square foot distillery, a bonfire pits and pickle ball courts, of course, that's a look at your headlines, send it back to you. brian: i think i heard two songs over the weekend just about jack daniels. jillian: really? ainsley: let me guess country? jillian: great story, brian. brian: they can sing about liquor. ainsley: it's great story, brian. brian: you have to go now.
5:17 am
89-year-old father passed away from covid-19 after catching in new york nursing home but his death isn't counted in the state's data. now his sons are demanding answers. they join us live next. pete: plus utah's economy is red hot thanks to a booming tech industry. how the so-called silicon slopes are stealing silicon valley's thunder. ♪ for severe eosinophilic asthma. nucala reduces eosinophils, a key cause of severe asthma. nucala is not for sudden breathing problems. allergic reactions can occur. get help right away for swelling of face, mouth, tongue or trouble breathing. infections that can cause shingles have occurred. don't stop steroids unless told by your doctor. tell your doctor if you have a parasitic infection. may cause headache, injection site reactions, back pain, and fatigue. ask your doctor about nucala. find your nunormal with nucala. >> tech: every customer has their own safelite story. ask your doctor about nucala. this couple loves camping adventures and their suv is always there with them. so when their windshield got a chip,
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5:22 am
our father's death going to count? norman's sons peter and danieldown us now. good morning, gentlemen. >> good morning. >> good morning. thank you. >> so today was the day? >> yeah. it's a weird day for us. a year ago today our father passed away of covid in our house after we got hem out a few days before from the nursing home trying to protect him from the virus that we knew was being put in there. and three other family members, my uncle, my two close cousins all passed away from the virus that same week. it was unspeakable filled with a lot of grief and emotion. ainsley: you guys lost four families this week last year? >> yes. ainsley: wow. his death didn't count as a nursing home death. that number was 15,000 estimated at least. but you think that number is a lot higher? >> yes.
5:23 am
>> the number is definitely much higher. understand a year ago soon after in june and july the governor kept saying the number was 6500. and we kept saying it can't be 6500. so, we went on a mission to expose that the number wasn't 6500 and we have been seeking for a year today we have been seeking answers like where did the march 25th order, what were the origins of it? what was their thinking? how on earth did they choose nursing homes as the first place to send covid patients not the last place? so this is what we need. ainsley: we have been interviewing janice dean with it it she wrote an op-ed for she says she don't think this will ever be up covered he will continue to lie about it and never be held accountable. what do you guys think. >> i was just talking to my
5:24 am
brother about that. we have courageous elected officials in new york state that are fighting the party. their own party. but they are trying to put this and sweep this under the rug. the problem is we're not talking about a moral failing of him, our governor, acting like a creepy old man or aggressive and ugly to women. we are talking about lives. we are talking about 15,000 plus wives that died that he hid and we have to prove he hid it you think 15,000 people, those are our grandparents, those are our parents, those are the ones we are supposed to protect and love. that's 100,000 plus. every parent and grandparent has five, six, seven, 8, nine people under them kids, grand kids, great grand kids, so it's 100,000 new yorkers that lost their loved ones. ainsley: what has this last year
5:25 am
been like for you guys? >> a year ago today was a very dark time. we didn't have funerals. we didn't have wakes. i never saw my father in a coffin. it was the first time in america this time last year when we took our father home to the nursing home we told him that no matter what happens, we can't call 911. because if he were to run into an ambulance, we would have lost him again. the systems were shut down. it was the first time in america new wanted to stay alive you didn't go to a hospital or a nursing home. and that should be the focus and we need and i'm a democrat and fox, thank you for being friends to the families of the nursing home victims, because in my estimation, out of the 15,000 people that passed, there is at least 0,000 democrats. and i don't understand how this is a republican issue. this is an issue about life. this is about omission and betrayal. this is about transparency. i very rarely disagree with janice dean, but i do believe
5:26 am
that the government is going to unearth this eventually because the death toll is still staggering. it is probably higher than 18,000. and again, how were nursing homes the first choice 10 months forward of that march 25th. our health commissioner two months ago said if he had to do it again he would do it over and that's wrong. ainsley: janice dean does want answer and i do hope you get them for all of your sakes. thinking about you today and saying prayers for you and your family. >> thank you, fox. >> thank you. ainsley: awoke school principal caught admitting their curriculum demonizing white people. douglas murray sounds off next. plus house minority leader kevin mccarthy on if maxine waters' comments could lead to an appeal in the derek chauvin conviction. ♪
5:27 am
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5:31 am
as so many people can right now, it's almost like why not work from here? you have breathtaking mountain views, relatively low taxes which the businesses love. they also just love the business friendly environment in general. i mean talent pool here byu's campus is located in the area helping with that i want to introduce you to ryan smyth, 42-year-old billionaire. is he actually the owner of the utah jazz the nba team the founder of software company which has always been based here. this is where he grew up. >> 15 years ago trying to recruit people to come to utah is kind of like no, i'm going to stay in the valley. now, the amount of outreach we have people saying hey, i want to come here. i have heard about it. i have friends who have relocated. can i live in park city? are you kidding me? >> we had a chance to speak to a number of people who have done that, who have relocated. some did come from the bay area. there was this other woman i spoke to made the move from seattle used to work for amazon, can afford to buy a house here she was saying. the cost of living is a little bit lower. i will say it's going up as the
5:32 am
economy booms. home prices rose more than 10% during the pandemic. things like that only happen when an area is in high demand. this one is the milken institute actually named provo top performing city in the country in wage growth also number one in job growth. have a booming economy in provo, utah. pete: pretty high up in the views. >> it's gorgeous. pete: council, thank you so much. appreciate it some of those shots didn't even look real. amazing. we have been telling you about a manhattan teacher now given the boot after calling out the school's social justice agenda as i had his own principal is caught agreeing with him. >> some of our students white people? >> yes. >> okay. so we are demonizing white kids? why don't you just say it? >> we are using language that makes them feel less than. for nothing that they are personally responsible for.
5:33 am
pete: the clip says demonizing white people for being born. author douglas murray is here to react. douglas, help me out here. is this really just the expose of the logical conclusion of critical race theory? >> that's right. paul rossi, the math teacher, who is at the center of this selmerly called out his colleagues and others. he didn't just call it out. he just raised concerns about what was happening at grace, this school in manhattan. he called out his colleagues and said are you sure we are doing the right thing? are you sure we should be having things like white only faculty meetings and black only faculty meetings? and teaching children that their racial origin determines everything about their character? are you sure we should be doing this? and for raising those concerns he was completely demonized by the school. he had to go through a stalinist propaganda manipulation by the authorities.
5:34 am
made everyone have to listen to a denunciation of the math teacher for daring to raise these concerns. and now it turns out, after mr. rossi has been put on remote, shall we say remote work, that it turns out that the head of schools seems to agree with him. he agreed that the school is indeed teaching that white people are born bad from birth. ' he admits this is what they are doing and, yet, he seems to have no problem with it this gets to the heart of an absolute problem with this woke ideology, which is even the people trying to enforce it do have doubts about it. they just don't raise them in public. pete: they sure don't. this principal by the way denied making these comments. has not since yet made a statement. and, of course, the math teacher who is on leave, they say he is away because people are worried about their safety school. so, again, words making people feel unsafe. have you talked about what
5:35 am
principal denied. will he be lauded for saying or what the principal said, will he be lauded for admitting that or will he have to walk that back inside woke world? >> yeah, you know, it's preposterous, isn't it? here is this math teacher pushed away because of what he said. and joyce davison head of school this is because of safety concern. this math tea party causes safety concerns with his concerns. but it turns out george davison is a liar. he has lied about what he himself thinks. he has lied about all of this. we have now got this tape thanks to the organization fair the foundation against intolerance and racism. thanks to them we have got this tape. we know that mr. daveson head of school has lied. that should be regarded as a safety concern as far as can i see by the parents who shell out tens of thousand of dollars a year to have their little darlings educated by mr. davison and co this. is an absolute react going on.
5:36 am
it's a scandal. mr. rossi should be congratulated for exposing it, doing so very decently and keeping his dignity. he would be an absolute asset. mr. davison appears to be taking a minor independence school in manhattan and trying to drive it into the ground. pete: and admits on tape to saying we are demonizing white people, white kid for being born and that's your principle. we will see if this kind of expose leads to change in curriculum because right now the critical race theory train is driving hard down the tracks. douglas murray, thanks so much for your insight. great stuff as always. all right. top republican on capitol hill blasting democrats for fail to censure congresswoman maxine waters after she called for protests to get, quote, more confrontational. house minority leader kevin mccarthy joins us on that next. download the fox bet super 6 app. and play for a chance to
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your body from overreacting to allergens all season long. psst! psst! all good oh! don't burn down the duplex. terminix. senat >> republicans make a target of me, but as you know i am passionate on these issues. i am so sorry that it causes pain, oftentimes, with my colleagues. many times they are in these districts where they are frightened where they have a lot of racism. but they stood up with me today. they put me at the center because of my visit to minneapolis and my colleagues stood with me and they voted to table the motion that was put up
5:42 am
to ken sur me because the republicans love to use me as a target. ainsley: let's bring in house minority leader kevin mccarthy. good morning to you. >> good morning, thanks for having me back on. ainsley: congressman, it didn't pass the motion was defeated to censure her directly down party lines 216 to 2010. 20210. what's your reaction to that. >> every democrat, including speaker pelosi had the opportunity to condemn this violent rhetoric instead they cone don'ted it which only makes the house of representatives and the justice department weaker. this isn't political. we have watched maxine waters say this before. if you see them at a gas station, if you see them at a restaurant, get in their face, tell them they are not wanted. she troostles a place that is not her district right before a jury is going to hear the final verdict. and what does she do? she brings violence. the judge himself said it was abhorrent. that here we had justice system
5:43 am
work. what happened to george floyd should never happen to anyone. he was killed. he was murdered. and the justice system worked yesterday. but now the judge even raised the issue because of maxine waters an appeal could mo forward to disrupt our justice system when we have an opportunity here to heal some wounds and come together for a more perfect union. that type of rhetoric does not help and condoning it does not help the system work either. brian: yeah. we heard behind the scenes the democratsy incensed chad pergram's reporting when it came to voting they would not condemn her. i think what's important to bring out people watching at home it's not just you that are upset the judge is upset that just worked for amy klobuchar you just screwed up the case and queued did up for appeal. irresponsible but getting accolades. >> the only quoted the judge. no politics involved this. wasn't a political situation. this was an opportunity to bring
5:44 am
the nation together. this was an opportunity to call what was right and what was wrong. to help us heal and make sure the system works and continues to work for all americans. pete: you talk about bringing people together, is there an opportunity for a police reform bill in the house that actually meets the ingredients that both republicans think are necessary and important as well? brian: and law enforcement. >> and law enforcement. >> i have met with karen bass and friendship going back to the state legislature in california. kim scott has been leading this. you remember in the last senate tim scott had a bill. unfortunately the democrats led by at that time senator harris they filibustered not even to let it come up for debate. i think there is an opportunity. there is a group of us that have been working and believe at the end of the day we can come to a point that all of us can agree to make it better. ainsley: is there a double standard here? because after what happened the beginning of january, president
5:45 am
trump, he said peacefully and patriotically walk to the capitol and he was impeached. she says to get confrontational. to get in people's faces and nothing happens. >> well, i think the democrats have to go home and answer for their vote yesterday. it was an easy vote to have censure. it was, i think, across all americans would agree. not just my words because there were none of my words in that resolution. all i did was quote the judge. brian: yep. >> and she could disrupt something that the judicial system just worked and proved finding this officer guilty. but what if he wins on an appeal because she went to minnesota and told people to have violence? america itself would be in an uproar. democrats had an opportunity to condemn it but they condoned it. brian: there was a press conference yesterday obviously overwhelmed by this news that we talked about the verdict derek chauvin guilty on all counts.
5:46 am
and it was we're back to the future with the green new deal. here's aoc. >> the problem i would say of my assessment of the bill is that the aims of this infrastructure bill are great. the dollars that they put in don't match the vision that they have advanced. and so if they want to actually advance and do what they say they want to do with this bill, they need to actually fund the ability to do it. brian: what we want to do is talk about that we ran the wrong tape. basically they had a green new deal. rolling it out going to cost $93 trillion. we are going to kill all the cows and now they focused on housing. so where does this stand? they have the votes in the house and maybe the senate. >> we should all be scared. because, remember, this is not about a green new deal. this is about controlling our lives. first they wanted to control our elections. then they wanted to pack the courts. but, remember, this was everything that joe biden the candidate said he would not do
5:47 am
and now he is doing. now he puts out an infrastructure bill that has less than 6% of roads and bridges. and now you have aoc who is driving this saying it's not enough. we have watched it time and time again that he would surrender to the socialist and that's what happened. we watched it last week on the border. that he had to change the number of the number of people that he was allowing in because they were upset with him. every time the socialists decide that it's wrong, they fold and surrender to them. pete: yeah, i have lost track of how many bills they have and how much they want to spend, mr. minority leader, it's amazing. kevin mccarthy, thank you so much for your time. >> thank you. pete: toss it out to janice dean who has a little weather for us. janice: let's take a look at it let's look at the snow where we have had the latest snowfall on record for a lot of states, so much cold air that it sunk southward as far as south as texas across the great lakes and i mean the radar is telling the story, right?
5:48 am
april 21st snow. that's moving across the appalachian, west virginia, the mountains there and then new england, you are going to see sort of a jackpot snowfall total of 6 to 10 inches. then because this cold front is interacting with relatively warmer air, severe thunderstorms possible later this afternoons for some of these big cities along the i-95 corridor. those stories we will be following. the good news is it will be off to sea tonight better, quieter forecast for tomorrow. pete, ainsley, and brian, back to you. brian: thanks so much, janice, i will take it from here. turns out cancel culture has been around for centuries, how ben franklin was able to fend off haters back in 1731. way before dana perino was born. how do i know? i checked her birth certificate. she has a big show for the next couple hours. >> dana: all these things that we can learn from the founding fathers you will probably write a book on it, brian. i will look for that next time. thanks, everyone, we are on the ground in minneapolis after
5:49 am
former officer derek chauvin found guilty on all charges. plus petraeuss erunt in chicago after police release body cam video of a 16-year-old girl -- columbus, actually, excuse me. we have a live report coming up. and at the border customs and border protection detain nearly 150 people crammed into a tractor-trailer. arizona's attorney general on that plus congressman steve scalise, martha maccallum and dan hoffman. we will see you at the top of the hour. you hope the more you give the less they'll miss. but even if your teen was vaccinated against meningitis in the past they may be missing vaccination for meningitis b. although uncommon, up to 1 in 5 survivors of meningitis will have long term consequences. now as you're thinking about all the vaccines your teen might need make sure you ask your doctor if your teen is missing meningitis b vaccination. did you know you can go to to customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need?
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brian all right. here we go as america confronts the rise of cancel culture feels like voters feels it's gone too far. listen to this a recent poll show 64% of you belief that cancel culture poses a threat to freedom in america. our next guest says this fight has been fought before by none other than benjamin franklin, one of our founding fathers, who, on april 17th, would be 231 years old. here with more is presidential historian jane hampton cook. jane, 1731 you have benjamin franklin confronting cancel culture? >> yes, he was 25 years old. he was a newspaper publisher. and he had printed an ad someone else had taken out in his newspaper and there was this reference to the clergy that people felt insulted by. so they said we're not going to
5:54 am
take your paper anymore. but more than that, we're going to socially ostracized you from all the customs of society. and franklin said all of this is very hard but he pushed back. and he wrote a newspaper article where he explained his prove profession. he said, look, if you sell shoes it doesn't matter the opinion of the customer or your opinion on issues. newspaper publishers chiefly deal in opinion. he believes especially when there was a difference of opinion that all sides needed fair play. and then when truth and error have fair play, truth will overmatch everything else. brian: but he was concerned about it way back then. here is a quote written in his day. printers meaning publishers are educated in the belief that when men differ in opinion, both sides ought to equally have the advantage of being heard by the public. can you imagine that? and that when truth and ear error have fair play the truth is overmatch of the latter. that's pretty cool. he goes on to say both those things and he also wanted to
5:55 am
stick up for his brother james who was being canceled back in 17 2. so how did he handled it overall he went at this straight ahead. >> he did. and when his procedure was thrown in jail, he wrote an article about the freeness of speech. he says he wants to subdue the liberties of a nation you start by subduing free speech. so he was this lifelong speech advocate but he gave us those standards that we have lived by for centuries now. franklin helped give those to us. other newspaper editors followed his lead and they published these same articles that he did about freedom of the press and freedom of speech. he said do you know what would happen if they only published opinions that we agreed with? the world would only know the opinion of the publisher. we would lose freeness of writing. so he understood that you had to preserve the liberty of free speech. and that's why, you know, cancel culture wasn't as big a problem in the decades after franklin
5:56 am
because he laid those standard. i think we need to return to that common held cultural belief in freeness of speech. brian: almost reassuring to know he had to deal with the same thing and always a push back free speech where the line is the line is let's hear everything. jane hampton cook, thank you so much. >> thank you. brian: all right. always great respect opinions of men are almost as various as their faces. a great quote. that's a song. that's nashville, which means the wide shot indicates we're out of time. ♪ ♪e ♪ refiplus lets you refinance to save money every month. plus you could get an average of $50,000 cash. that's money for security today and money for retirement tomorrow. refiplus, it's only for veterans and it's only from newday usa.
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. >> download the fox news app. open up your camera on your phone and take a picture of the qr code. have a good one. >> stay within yourself. [shouting] >> bill: it is the morning after in america. former police officer derek chauvin waking up behind bars today convicted of murder. reaction was swift and still pouring in today. good morning, everybody. a big two hours here. significant news as we begin todayment i'm bill hemmer live in new york. >> dana: i'm dana perino. this is "america's newsroom." president biden and vice president harris say the verdict is a step toward justice but it's not enough. chauvin himself will be sentenced in eight weeks and he is likely to appeal the conviction. >> bill: we have team fox coverage across the nation. katie


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